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Vapor Liquid Separator
Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator
    • Freon Gas Liquid Separator

Freon Gas Liquid Separator

Gas-liquid separator can be installed at the gas compressor inlet and outlet for gas-liquid separation, after the top of the fractionation tower condensing cooler gas deaerator, a variety of gas washing tower, absorption tower and analytical tower gas mist. Gas-liquid separator can also be used in gas dust, oil and water separation and liquid removal of impurities and other industrial and civil applications.

Working Principle

Saturated gas During cooling or pressurization, a portion of the condensable gas component forms small droplets that flow with the gas.

Gas-liquid separator is the role of dealing with a small amount of condensate gas, to achieve condensate recovery or gas purification.

Its structure is generally a pressure vessel, internal related air intake components, droplet collection components.

General gas from the upper outlet, the liquid phase from the lower collection.

The vapor-liquid separation tank is an internal member, such as a wire mesh defoaming or a baffle plate, which further condenses and discharges the liquid entrained in the gas to remove the liquid.

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